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Chuka Udon

Their signature menu calls “Chuka Udon” serving with umami dashi soup with ramen noodle. “Chuka Udon” is one of the Kurume local’s favorites.


Aromatic and mild is their traditional Japanese-style soup stock. Extracted from shaved dried tuna and herring, their rich and flavorful soup makes a perfect combination with the thin Chinese-style noodles for this original menu item. It has been a long-loved dish in Kurume for over 83 years.
Highly recommended for such an opportunity is this special dish guaranteed to get you hooked.

Hours 11:00~19:20(OS)
Mon. and Thu. 11:00~15:00(OS)
Closed Tuesdays
Tel 0942-39-5151
Address 21-1,Mutsumonmachi, Kurume, Fukuoka

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