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Teramachi walking

Teramachi walking with popular guides

Experience historic buddhist temples region of Kurume with a popular guide!

Buddhist temples densely occupied the Teramachi region of Kurume during the Edo period. This served then-existing Kurume Castle as an obstacle in case of an invasion. This program features a popular local travel guide as he navigates you through this historic region of Kurume.

Departing from Kurume City Plaza, the tour goes through the Den Inoue (the inventor of Kurume kasuri textile) and other landmarks to maximize your travel experience here in Kurume.

The time required about 2 hours
Minimum passenger count Minimum people of participate 5
Tel +81-942-27-5616
Reservation Please book 10 days in advance.
Address 6th floor,Kurumeria,3-11,Mutsumonmachi,Kurume, Fukuoka
Remarks / Notes Starting place, date and time are negotiable.

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