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Make Mizuhiki ornaments for gift envelopes

Learn Japanese traditional craft Mizuhiki

Mizuhiki is a traditional decorative cords used for gift wrapping in Japan. Scheduled to be held at the Japanese room of Kurume City Plaza is this event featuring Kurume’s renowned mizuhiki creator, Ms. Kashiwabara, as she exhibits how to create traditional gift envelopes. In case of a high volume of inquiries, the event date and location can be negotiated.

Minimum number of participants Maximum people of perticipate 10
The time required about 2 hours
Tel 0942-27-5616
Address 6th Floor, Kurumeria, 3-11, Mutsumonmachi, Kurume, Fuku oka
Remarks / Notes Minimum people of participate 5 Reservation required at least 10 days prior to the date Other Mizuhiki works are available(Fees may apply) Additional fees may apply dependent on venues, durations, or number of people

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