Hanabatake Marufuku – Kurume Kuru Kuru Tickets


【You can’t use kuru-kuru tickets】 Tonkotsu ramen

Hanabatake Marufuku

Re-opened its doors in 2016 near the City Plaza, this ramen shop inherits the special flavor of the original Marufuku Ramen with over 30 years in business.
This establishment draws many regular customers from distant locations for its great flavors of smooth semi-thick noodles in thick pork broth and the carefully produced roast pork fillet.
It also offers Japanese-style tavern menu items at night.

Hours 11:30~15:30 (OS 15:00)
17:00~22:30 (OS 22:00)
Closed Thursdays
Tel 0942-39-0344
Address 21-1,Mutsumonmachi, Kurume, Fukuoka

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