Café Moribe – Kurume Kuru Kuru Tickets


Kuru-kuru gelato set

Café Moribe

Let’s have coffee and gelato in a cozy cafe.

“Moribe” is a cafe along the Yamazuto road.
The owner of this cafe brew coffee wholeheartedly. You can relax drinking coffee.

If you use 1 Kurume kuru-kuru ticket, you can have this coffee and two types of gelato topped with seasonal fruits.

Besides, you can eat delicious lunch and dessert here.
Baked confectionery such as lemon cake is also recommended.

Hours 11:00~17:00
Closed Wednesdays,Thursdays
Tel 0943-72-0624
Address 1203-7,Moribe,Tanushimarumachi,Kurume,Fukuoka

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