KUHON – Kurume Kuru Kuru Tickets


Additive-free soap


“KUHON” is a store in front of the Kurume City Plaza(arcade street side), and great produced in the Chikugo River basin are on sale here.

You can get 2 additive-free soaps made at MARUHA YUSHI CHEMICALS Co.,Ltd if you use 1 Kurume kuru-kuru ticket in this store.

This soaps can be used for babies and people who has sensitive skin, because it is made from natural ingredients and very gentle on the skin.

There are soaps with natural herb scent and mugwort scent, so please choose your favorite.

Hours 10:00~19:00
Closed Mondays,1st・3rd・5th Tuesdays,Obon holiday,New Year's holiday
Tel 0942-39-1230
Address 7-15,Mutsumonmachi, Kurume, Fukuoka

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