Kaze-no-Okurimono – Kurume Kuru Kuru Tickets


Polo shirt coaster made with Kurume Kasuri (1piece)


Kurume Kasuri is a traditional textile in the Chikugo region.
Various types of Kurume Kasuri goods are sold in “Kaze no Okurimono”, for example roll of cloth, clothes,bags and Japanese goods.

You can get a coaster made with Kurume Kasuri if you use 1 Kurume kuru-kuru ticket.
This coaster is so cute, we recommend it as a souvenir.

This store is located in Ichibangai Shopping Street and takes about 5 minutes from Nishitetsu Kurume Station.

We also recommend Kurume Kasuri kimono dressing experience by using 8 Kurume kuru-kuru tickets here. (Please book 2 days in advance.)

Hours 10:30~19:00
Closed New year's holiday
Tel +81-942-46-4767
Address 31-7,Higashimachi,Kurume,Fukuoka

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