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Kurume Ramen Kurumekko (3 serves)

Jibasan Kurume Bussankan JR Kurume Station branch

Given that it is the origin of pork broth ramen noodles, Kurume Ramen is by far the most popular souvenir item in Kurume.
The signature pork stock is made by boiling pork bones for hours, and vegetables are later added to tailor the flavor. Also symbolic of this dish is the smooth, chewy, and thin noodles created using only the top quality flours. These ramen souvenir products are highly popular for their convenience, allowing consumers to replicate flavors of Kurume at home. Offering 3 total servings in one box, the noodles can be preserved at room temperature when unopened.

You can also use it at the Mutsumon branch.

Hours 7:00~19:00
Closed Open all year round
Tel 0942-27-5510
Address 87-12,Kyomachi,Kurume,Fukuoka (2nd floor,JR Kurume station)

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