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Drinking vineger (The taste of Amaou or Ginger)

Jibasan Kurume Bussankan Mutsumon branch

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This store is located near Kurume City Plaza, and it sells many Chikugo region’s local products.

This is a drinking vineger. When you drink this vinegar, please dilute about 5 times with cold water or sparkling water.

The taste of Amou, it will be like yogurt when you add milk. In addition, you can also use it as dressing,making cake sauce, ice topping and Amaou jelly.

The taste of ginger contain collagen, it is very popular. The gingers from Japan are used in this vineger.

You can also use it at the JR Kurume Station branch.

Hours 10:00~18:00
Closed New Year's holiday
Tel 0942-36-0006
Address 7-13,Mutsumonmachi,Kurume,Fukuoka

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