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Gelato and drink (coffee or tea)

KAPATERIA(Gelato set ends on March 31st)

(Gelato set ends on March 31st)

JR Tanushimaru Station is called “Kappa Station”.
KAPATERIA is a stylish cafe in this station.

In the cafe, you can eat original menus such as meals and desserts.
From the window of the cafe, you can see the platform of the station, the Minou mountain ranges, the diesel locomotive and so on.
You can also buy local souvenirs in this cafe.

If you use 1 Kurume kuru-kuru ticket, you can get a original gelato and coffee or tea.
Please come to see Kappa!

Hours 10:00~17:00
Closed Tuesdays
Tel 0943-72-5225
Address 1015-2,Tanushimaru,Tanushimarumachi,Kurume

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